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Sarah in Guys and Dolls

“…Soprano Candy Benge makes a coruscating Salvation Army lassie with Sarah Brown.  This is a voice with the strength for grand opera, but the warmth and expressiveness well suited for Broadway classics.”  

“ …Benge, the actress, has the range to convince us first that she’s a stiff prude before she becomes the raving sybarite after quaffing a few Bacardis in Havana.”

 –James MacKillop
Syracuse New Times

Candy as Sarah Brown with Jim Gardner as Sky Masterson

“Bob Brown and Candy Benge are perfectly matched as Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown.  They bring two superb voices to the show, and on duets like ‘I’ll Know’ and ‘I’ve never been in love before’ they soar with one another.”

“…Brown and Benge give engaging complexity to the gambler and the missionary.”

 –Suzanne Connelly
Syracuse Post Standard

“…Brown and Benge’s voices soar together like lovebirds.  Their divergent souls make those sounds a bittersweet pleasure.”

 –Larry Rullison
 Syracuse Post Standard

“Vocally the production soars when Brown and Benge sing in duet.  Both are also strong actors.”

 –David Feldman
 Syracuse New Times