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Maria in The Sound of Music

“Candy Benge brings…tremendous verve and animation to the role of Maria.”

- David Feldman
Syracuse New Times

MariaCaptain550.jpg (35441 bytes)
Candy as Maria with Jim Gardner as Captain Von Trapp

“As Maria, Candy Benge distances herself from the somewhat regal nursemaid Julie Andrews established a generation ago.  Benge’s Maria flummoxes the convent with her disorderliness yet transforms herself into a beauty for dinner parties.  Her soprano is a continuing joy: vibrant, expressive and resonant.  And she sounds as though packages wrapped up with stings are really some of her favorite things.”

 –James MacKillop 
Syracuse New Times

“Candy Benge’s Maria is a vivacious delight who matches nicely with the crusty captain.”

- Joan Vadeboncoeur
Syracuse Post Standard

The Von Trapp Family with Maria (Candy) at Cortland Repertory Theatre

“Candy Benge is a delightfully fresh Maria.  She has a clear, crisp voice, and she demonstrates her vocal control on the many difficult numbers she is required to sing.  ‘The Lonely Goatherd’, with its yodeling parts and ‘character’ requirements, was a delightful showcase for Benge’s comic talent, even when singing a difficult song.  In contrast the lovely ‘Something Good’ asks for warmth and power, expressed with sweet phrasings.  Benge proved she could be both perky and poignant.”

 –Suzanne Connelly
Syracuse Post Standard

Maria/Candy backstage with best buddy, Cherry