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"Oh Candy!! What a treat! Your script was delicious, your voice awesome, your choice of songs spot on. You looked radiant and gorgeous!! It was a total wow! I can't wait for the next!!"

"You had us in the palm of your hand -- rapt, totally engaged, loving every moment. Loving you, you AMAZING!! performer. Yes, it was an unforgettable, totally special evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"Your performance keeps glowing in my memory. I get these little flashes of you, eyes glittering, pointing out at the audience -- or pacing the stage and raising your arms -- or leaning back on the piano and belting out one incredible, room-filling note after another, each one perfectly beautiful. Wow! It really was gorgeous.  More, more, more!!"

"Bravissima Candissima!"

"It was a special night, and frankly I'll never forget it wherever I go, and wherever I end up." 

"I still can't get over how amazing you were...You have come through my mind at all strange times during the day since I have seen you perform and I still feel so happy from the whole experience."

"[You] performed flawlessly, singing great, narrating with charm, and of course looking maaahvelous!  It was quite a show."

"Wow.  I thought it was something very special."

"[Candy] has such a great voice, she is so pretty, she is so funny, I didn't even know she could in the world can she remember all those words!" 

"Candy you were wonderful and I really enjoyed your show and look forward to your next one."

"Best of luck to you in your many talents."

"You can count on me to be part of your cheering section in whatever show you are performing in. Throughout the entire show I had a constant smile on my face." 

"I am so glad I got to hear your CD before seeing you otherwise I would probably have hit the floor in shock!  At least I had somewhat of a clue that you had a killer voice. I would go see you every night if you we doing a show every night.  That is how much I enjoyed seeing you."

"You have really outdone yourself Candy!  Wow!"

"You were awesome the other night...very well put together, you had great stage presence, and controlled the audience, like putty in you hand."

"Thanks Candy for a spectacular experience!"

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